Creating communication material that truly works
Formed in 2011 I 100% Black Owned I B-BBEE Level 1
Harukami is a specialist design communications and art studio

Harukami is a proudly South African specialist design communication and art studio.

Design Communication 
Our instinctive visual translations elevate the brand’s true essence. Our objective has always been to meet the brief and then push the end result to new heights through what can only be defined as ‘smoking hot creative’.



Communication design and art studio.

The name Harukami is a combination of two Japanese words. Haru, meaning Spring, and Kami, meaning God combined translates to Spring God. Harukami is a birth of something new while at the same time also a force to be reckoned with.

We realised the importance of creating a studio with a strong focus on conceptual and creative solutions. In an era of endless information, instant gratification and pervasive communication, standing out from the crowd has become fundamental to the growth of your brand.


Our creative team holds in excess of 25 years’ combined industry experience. We constantly push the boundaries of creative thinking to produce extraordinary work with a creative edge.

We are proud of our award-winning portfolio. What sets us apart is our focus on delivering solutions that are relevant, original and inspired by your brand. We use multiple design disciplines that allows us to carry out progressive campaigns from concept to final execution for all brand communication requirements.


Harukami believes that it is the power of impactful and creative brand communication that achieves better results for business sustainability. We develop unique and engaging communication material to elevate your brand and increase audience engagement.

In addition to corporate communications, Harukami is a digital art studio. We produce innovative and inspired digital artworks to transform your personal and office wall space.