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Hero Black

Inspired by the by the city of Johannesburg, this art range is dedicated to the Everyday Heroes.
Evoking thoughts of heroic intrigue, this digital art series will inspire your life journey. There are Everyday Heroes within all of us, let your favourite superheroes bring your walls to life. #EverydayHeroes.
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Communication design and art studio.
Corporate Communications

Our design is informed by your brand. We offer create visual solutions that allows you to communicate your vision to your audience & target segments.

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We create art products designed to inspire you in your personal and work space. Let’s convert your walls into a creative expression of you. Shop all new digital prints:

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Hi! My name is Grant. I am the

Founder & Creative Director

of Harukami Design Studio

I am a creative who has one vision: to inspire through creativity! Driven by innovative thinking, I use a holistic approach to creating design solutions. The user engagement experience is considered first and integrated throughout the process – from concept to execution. I am an explorer at heart, who enjoys testing and pushing the limits to unlock new experiences and open your mind.

As a creative adventurer, I stop at nothing to break the boundaries of creative thinking to produce enriched visual solutions. I believe strongly that higher impact is achieved by engaging audiences in an immersive and inspiring way.

“Let me to push your creative thinking abilities to new heights. It’s time to open your mind!”

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